Game On.

We provide one-on-one advisory and group training programs in each of the following areas:

negotiations & Influence

The only thing standing between your current situation and the end result you are imagining is having the confidence and the skills to effectively ask for, and obtain, what you want. Our training programs and methods are backed by research and bolstered by our years of experience. Let’s get after it.

  • Negotiate like a bada$$

  • Craft a killer pitch

  • CEO Confidence

Financials: Know Your Numbers

We love data and we love money. We want to help you use one to get the other.

  • Strategic Marketing - translating your marketing strategies to numbers

  • Building a Financial Model (that passes the investor test!)

  • Understanding critical KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)


For many entrepreneurs, the process around raising money feels like a black box. Its hard to be confident when you feel like you don’t understand the rules of the game or the terminology that comes with it. We’ve got your back. We want to demystify the process and the terms for you and get you ready to nail those investor conversations.

  • Funding 101 - From seed to series c, what the hell is pre-money valuation or a convertible note?

  • Company Valuation

  • Fundraising Strategy and Plan

  • Common Investor Questions and Financial Lingo

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